Immersive Experiences with Interactive Technologies


One of the most powerful applications of virtual reality is allowing someone to experience another person's imagination, ideas and perspective.



The power of virtual reality is bringing someone into a completley new space. This space could be something never possibly experienced, or it could be something from everyday life. As creative artists, we want to deliver an experience beyond expectation. An experience that opens the mind to new perspectives; inspiring creativity, learning, and empathy.


Baltu Studios partners with talented 360° filmmakers and visual artists. These storytellers help us produce engaging experiences which can be accompanied by professionally produced 360° video, sound, or compelling 3D art.




3D spatial audio creates realistic and immersive sound that enhances virtual reality, making it feel as it if were real. Crafting detailed spatial audio experiences is now an industry standard. With diverse backgrounds in audio production, audio programming, frequency analysis, embodied performance, ambisonics, and physics, Baltu Studios is exceptionally qualified to create soundscapes and music that bring any VR experience to life.


3d spatial audio / Ambisonics


Close your eyes, and listen to the space you are in. You will receive an immense amount of information about the qualities of that space. The sounds you hear aren't only coming from a particular spot. This is because sounds travel like waves in a pool, bouncing off walls and other objects. These waves spread throughout the space, arriving at your ears from multiple directions at slightly different times, giving you a detailed description of everything around you. Creating a space that sounds and feels real is the art of spatial audio. Baltu Studios uses technology such as ambisonics, physics-based sound propagation, and acoustics to recreate these environments.


Spatial audio demonstration of 3D vs 2D sound. Listen with headphones and use your mouse to navigate all directions of the 360 video.


sound design / Audio programming / Procedural audio

Mathematics, science, and sound are directly related on multiple levels. The understanding of time-frequency analysis, musical structure, and intervalic ratios are necessary knowledge for anyone with a technical audio background. Sound design, audio programming, and procedural audio are the essential tools used to create interactive listening experiences. Baltu Studios constantly uses these techniques in order to produce unique and individualized sounds which have the ability to be controlled directly by the listener.



Music is simply organized sound. It is also one of the most powerful mediums in art. It is a bridge that unites cultures and ideologies, a source of meaning in life, and an invaluable tool of expression. 

A performance of music, in addition to sound, is an experience that uses visual elements, as well as the use of space, which gives the listener the ability to have an emotionally rich experience. These performances are incredibly hard to capture with standard audio and video recordings. However, with 3D spatial audio and virtual reality Baltu Studios is not only able to capture these performances as if the listener could be there, but able to augment the musical experience beyond any experience in real life.

“Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”

― Leonard Bernstein




A sound installation enhances a physical space by filling it with sound. Baltu Studios designs ambisonic audio experiences by transforming a space into a fascinating augmented reality of surround sound. Adding elements of interactivity allows participants to manipulate the sound environment with their movement or their location in the space. An installation is a wonderful tool for music and sound discovery, as well as for interactive group experiences.


This board-game-synthesizer has two modes: "performance" and "game" mode. "Performance mode" enables it to be used for an expressive musical performance. "Game mode" allows it to be a fun exploratory experience with interactive sounds.