Highlight of a Startup | Prenda

So, our company works with mentors who help us succeed in different areas. One of them is an awesome guru guy that meets with us and keeps us on our toes. He not only mentors us, but he mentors many other local businesses here in the Phoenix, AZ area.

He told us about a coding club startup he worked with and the cool things they were doing. That's how I heard about Luke Miller, Director of Customer Success at PRENDA. Prenda is a kids coding club - yeah, KIDS CODING club - based out of Mesa, AZ. I looked them up, and I was completely blown away by what they do.

So I got in touch with Luke, and he was able to answer some interesting questions about what Prenda is doing, how they're giving back to the community, where they're heading, and some other fun facts.



Interviewing: Luke Miller - Director of Customer Success

Location: Mesa, AZ

Website: prenda.co


  • What is Prenda? And how many people work for Prenda now? - Prenda is a Software as a Service company that helps libraries, schools and community organizations run code clubs where kids learn computer programming. There are 5 people working for Prenda.


  • What made you create Prenda? And for how long has Prenda been operating?

kids coding club.jpg

- We started Prenda after starting volunteering at our local library to run the first code club. We decided to turn it into a business when we realized what an amazing impact it was having on kids, and how much libraries wants us to help them. We started volunteering in 2013, and had our first customers in 2015.

  • Tell us about one lesson learned and your best moment of success - Prenda has and still is teaching me that we can run a business on our own terms. We don’t have look like and sound like everyone else out there, but can be ourselves (which is genuine, and slightly nerdy), and still be successful. The moment of success that comes to mind is the first sale I closed. After taking dozens of lousy sales calls, I built up all the confidence I could, made my pitch, and the guy basically bought then and there.


  • What is the thing you most enjoy doing at Prenda?

children's coding club.jpg

- At Prenda I have the honor of getting to know our users. I’m on training calls and support calls constantly, and it’s the simple human with these people connection that I enjoy most.

  • How is Prenda changing the world?

- Prenda is changing the world by giving kids the opportunity to learn how to code. This opens up innumerable job opportunities, and teaches them how to think differently.